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Storybook Channel is a nonprofit organization that hopes to change the world one child at a time.



Our organization raises money to buy children's books at various local bookstores in our areas of operation.


We aim to help as many bookstores as possible while donating the curated books to low-income schools and educational facilities.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life and the education of students at school.

Storybook Channel works to help our younger generation dream bigger and find the way there through books.

1. Donations

2. Purchase books from local book stores with our curated book list

3. Send the books over to schools.

4. Books for children to read!



The problem with this is that diversity seen 

within the books written from 2000-2010 is scarce.

Many public educational facilities today do not have the funding to buy new books for children.





Many of the more contemporary children's literature being written and discovered are from authors of color, LGBTQ+, minorities, and authors with racially ethnically diverse backgrounds.

In a study by the CCBC* in 2015,

books with a White protagonist in children's books were 70% of all published stories.

While these numbers have increased yearly, educators and public schools have not had the funding or the resources to buy these books for children in early educational settings.


With a curated list of children's books proven to be ethically, racially, and culturally diverse, Storybook Channel works to buy the books that will offer children a familiar face.


We hope to create a sense of normalcy in the different lives that low-income students might live in conjunction with the average American story seen in children's books from the early 2000s.

*Cooperative Children's Book Center, the most extensive children's diversity library in the United States

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